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It’s that time of year again! The weather is beautiful, the children will soon be on break from school, and many of you will be enjoying various trips and vacations during the summer months. I’m thrilled to offer another summer art camp service over Summer 2022 for those of you who would like to engage in some artistic creativity in between your summer adventures. It is open for all ages! 

Summer camp sessions will take place throughout July and August, Mon-Fri from 10am to 4pm. There will be two summer sessions, one in July and one in August. The August session will repeat the four topics covered in July for students who were not able to make the July session, but it will also offer advanced projects for those students who will be attending both sessions so they can engage more deeply with the topics the second time around (signified by II in the chart below).

Please fill out THIS REGISTRATION FORM to book the weeks, days, and times of your Art Camp! 

A 5% discount will be applied if you register for a package before June 1, 2022.

The prices for the different packages are: 

  • $525 for any one week of full-day summer art camp (10am-4pm)

  • $250 for any one week of half-day only camp (10am-1:30pm) 

  • $2,000 for a 4 week package (any four weeks of your choice) 

  • The daily rate for summer camp is $110 for the full day and $65 for the half day. 

Arts & Crafts Club will be held from 4pm-5pm everyday for an additional $10 if you would like your child or adolescent to remain in the studio for an extra hour and work on their summer camp projects or a number of other unique daily activities (creating hand-made greeting cards, drawing zentangle, etc.)

Week 1: July 04 - July 08

Geometric Patterns

in Nature: I

Week 5: Aug 01 - Aug 05

Geometric Patterns in Nature: I & II

Week 2: July 11 - July 15

Revealing Colors

of Nature: I

Week 6: Aug 08 - Aug 12

Revealing Colors

of Nature: I & II

Week 3: July 18 - July 22

Natural Art Materials and Substances: I

Week 7: Aug 15 - Aug 19

Natural Art Materials and Substances: I & II

Week 4: July 25 - July 29

The Art of Weather, Seasons, & Time: I

Week 8: Aug 22 - Aug 26

The Art of Weather, Seasons, & Time: I & II

The theme for Summer Art Camp 2022 is ART IN NATURE! We will be learning about the natural origins of geometric patterns and revealing colors, the art of weather and seasons, and natural materials and substances in art! We will create numerous art pieces and projects imitating art in the natural world and experiment with different mediums and techniques, including unusual ones! 

Read and enjoy the document below for a sneak-peak of the various topics we are going to explore and choose the weeks that interest you most to plan and enjoy your personal summer experience!

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