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                Commissions for Personalized or Larger works

If you are drawn to an artwork that is marked sold, bring it up to me and we can discuss it!

Chances are, there may be a similar painting in the works, or you can commission it yourself and specify any meaningful details or changes you'd like it to include - size, color scheme, symbols, etc.


When a new, personalized work is commissioned, I can send over a few "quick" sketches that show variations of composition and color scheme that work with your specifications and feel right to me. Then, once the components are ironed out and I receive an advance on the agreed-upon price, I invest in the necessary supplies (if I don't already have them) and start working. If the painting takes several sessions, I am happy to keep you updated with "in progress" photos. 

A half of the price is paid before I start painting your work, and the other half — after the painting is done.  I'm happy to talk to you about your thoughts and dream paintings.

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