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Throughout the genres and subjects below, there are works that were inspired by my inner voice and works that were commissioned by dear clients who entrusted me with their visions. I hope you see that my personal style persists and rings clearly in all of them. When I create an artwork, I smear and blend a part of myself in with the paints, and when you purchase my pieces you are actually evaluating and appreciating a part of me.

Some of the paintings below are available for purchase , but most are sold and act as a display of my capabilities. If you are inspired by one of my previous works, or you believe I am the artist to create your next statement piece, reach out to me! I will happily discuss your preferences, share my insights, and help you commission a personalized painting that is guaranteed to leave you impressed and satisfied. 

To BUY  my Art visit my Art Shop on ETSY  " ART WORK FROM OLESEA"

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