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       "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have".   Maya Angelou

Art classes are a fun and therapeutic way to develop a skill while learning to express oneself and create. I've taught art for over 20 years parallel to my work as a professional artist and graphic designer, and my appreciation for identifying and nurturing talent and interest has only grown with time and experience. 

Our children especially enjoy exploring varied themes through drawing, painting, illustrating, collage-making, and more. Over time the children acquire and develop an arsenal of art techniques and abilities as they try out different mediums and learn to express their views on relevant topics. Each week our little artists discover new art forms and styles as they learn about and even mimic artists and movements from all time periods, all over the world. 

Art Classes

Learn from courses for nearly every medium you can imagine - drawing basics, graphite, colored pencils, pen and ink, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, oils, mixed media and more. My group classes are a favorite - they double as a social activity as well as a chance to unleash and sharpen each individual child's creativity and self-expression


Master Classes

A collection of comprehensive drawing and painting courses designed with the learner in mind. Courses are broken down into multiple "easy to follow" lessons.  I explain everything with no assumptions. So even if you've had no prior experience, you can be successful.

Master Classes Schedule:

Paint Nights

Enjoy a painting session at my studio. It's a perfect place for a night out with friends, a relaxing hobby time or a special day!

Invite your friends or colleagues, and enjoy instructions with my experienced and enthusiastic way of  teaching and explaining.

Paint Night  (price)

Craft Classes

Friendly and relaxing atmosphere and lots of choices of things to do await you! Plenty of craft ideas of crafts you can do you come in: button art, seasonal cards, seasonal crafts from natural materials, soft toys, any sew projects, costume making, wood burning, glass painting... and many others, and we're always adding new things too. I'll be glad to help you to get started, give you instructions if you need, get you supplies, and clean up when you're done.


Online Art Classes

Some of my current clients struggle to overcome difficulties with distance or scheduling - they live too far from my studio or they are only free to take classes very late in the evening. Up until now, I could not entirely accommodate these needs because I was limited to teaching in person. I hope that an online teaching platform will allow me to reach those who cannot attend traditional, in-person classes.

Online Art Classes Schedule:

Summer Art Camp

This Summer Olesea's Art studio offers Summer Art Camp


Summer  Art  Camp  Schedule:

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