My passion extends past traditional drawing and painting, to graphic illustration,endless logo designs, company branding, striking murals, and theatre decoration.My early encounter with this colorful world only adds pleasure to teaching private art classes for young ones with joy and potential, and illustrating children’s tales.
I strive to learn something new every day - my light version of yoga. When I'm not creating art or playing with design, I listen to music, dance, and enjoy the moment.
As my client, you will walk away impressed and pleased by our collaboration. My inspiration flows from all directions, and I would be delighted to direct it your way.



I'm a young freelance artist and designer. More accurately, I eat, breath, and dream about art and design. The story of my passion begins very early - at the time of my earliest memories - and continues uninterrupted and enthusiastic.

6 years old, I snuck into my mother’s storage and found black ink and brushes. My family had no creative streak, but in times of deficit the common practice was to buy whatever became available: “we’ll see, someone will need them.”
‘Someone’ was me when I dared to imagine a better version of the wallpaper’s gentle, autumn scene ... as the background for my beautiful, jet black horse.
Amidst a lot of yelling, my mother referred to my masterpiece as a dog - an excruciating betrayal. Nevertheless, I persisted. My mother’s desperation to keep her walls clean inspired her to buy me albums, pencils, gouache, and watercolor - anything I needed  to continue creating in less disruptive ways.

I drew and painted the world around me: my familiar home, my girly dreams, my homeland Moldova with its endless green hills, sweet grapes and apples - the ideal background to the warmth of my people and their national hospitality. This was the environment in which my art bloomed, yearly with the fruit trees.
My world transformed when I moved to the US, as did my art when I discovered graphic design. I became more flexible, more original, more ambitious. My art has no boundaries now, my creative freedom runs wild and I refuse to tame it.
Professionally, I aim to please, and my perfectionism is not a cliche ‘weakness’. Developing my ideas feels nothing short of bringing them to life; it’s exhilarating. I  want to be the best at what I do, and I will be, because my entire heart is in it.


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