Art classes are a fun and therapeutic way to develop a skill while learning to express oneself and create. I've taught art for over 20 years parallel to my work as a professional artist and graphic designer, and my appreciation for identifying and nurturing talent and interest has only grown with time and experience. 

Our children especially enjoy exploring varied themes through drawing, painting, illustrating, collage-making, and more. 

Over time the children acquire and develop an arsenal of art techniques and abilities as they try out different mediums and learn to express their views on relevant topics. Each week our little artists discover new art forms and styles as they learn about and even mimic artists and movements from all time periods, all over the world. 

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I paint on commission according to your style and vision. Is there an artwork you dream to hang on your walls?
In class, my students learn to paint with tempera, watercolor, acrylic paint, and oil. Together, we capture still life, landscapes, seascapes, animal portraits, and other genres.


I paint outdoor murals on fences depicting special scenes (such as my "Lord of the Rings" work) or marking fun, colorful play areas for children and guests.
My indoor murals add a unique and personalized decorative element in nurseries, children's rooms, living or dining areas, and bedrooms. Any style and subject that you have in mind, I can put on the wall, as big and bold or as sweet and subtle as you prefer!


My pencil, ink, and watercolor illustrations make great gifts for loved ones, or a classic addition to your decor. I enjoy illustrating both elaborate and detailed scenes, as well as less defined, artistic vibes.
Many of my students prefer illustrating in our classes. The possibilities are endless!

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I sketch daily in order to explore a new concept, pinpoint a style, or draft out different versions of a more serious work ahead of time. Sometimes, my clients request to buy my sketches - they have their own allure.
I encourage my students to sketch out 'drafts' in order to determine the color palette and composition that fits their vision for a larger work. It is the most effective way to develop an original idea and allow it to grow and evolve.

Sketching can be a low-pressure option for students that struggle with perfectionism or hesitancy and indecision. It also works wonders for more therapeutically inclined classes.