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ONLINE ART CLASS  (Schedule below)

For the time being, online classes will be conducted through Zoom. Please contact me by email, text message, or Facebook messenger to reserve a class for yourself or for your child. You will receive a link and a password that will allow you to join the class.
Below are a few pre-scheduled classes that are aimed primarily at children. If you are interested in taking a personalized class, I would be happy to discuss and arrange a lesson or course that best fits your needs and interests. Just reach out!

Phone: 781-640-1597
Facebook page:  click here
Thank you for supporting local business, for valuing mental and emotional health, and for loving art and creativity

We are often faced with challenges that prevent us from pursuing our hobbies or taking part in the activities that interest us. Some of my current clients struggle to overcome difficulties with distance or scheduling - they live too far from my studio or they are only free to take classes very late in the evening. Up until now, I could not entirely accommodate these needs because I was limited to teaching in person. I hope that an online teaching platform will allow me to reach those who cannot attend traditional, in-person classes. More importantly, we have all been limited in many new ways during this COVID-19 virus epidemic. I readily acknowledge these constraints and have been addressing them by restructuring my practice.


from September 2021

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