For one, we are currently under a legal quarantine and we may be encouraged to practice social distancing for many more months. This means that my studio will be closed until otherwise allowed and advised in order to avoid potentially attracting and spreading the virus among my students and their families. Therefore, I will be offering online art classes, for all ages and interests, through Zoom. Students can now maintain their artistic outlets, hobbies, even routines, from the safety of their homes.

Secondly, the virus is causing a financial strain for all of us. Olesea's Art Studio is a small, local business that cannot survive without a steady revenue stream. Without this guarantee, my livelihood, my family's wellbeing, and the future of my profession are at risk. Given my situation, I empathize with my clients who are also facing financial uncertainty or are burdened by stocking up on addition necessities in order to stay home for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, I will be offering reduced prices on several classes and packages.

* Furthermore, this difficult time period has been escalating feelings of stress and anxiety for us all: - Adults faced with job loss, work from home, decreased pay, isolation from friends and family, insecurity about the future, the sudden pressure to disinfect any and all surfaces in our home...
- Parents who struggle to entertain and homeschool their kids while juggling other pressing problems...
- Children with pent up energy who are restless, bored, confused, frightened, and absorbing the general worry and negativity surrounding them...
Even more so than before, it's important to dedicate some personal time to calming and meditative activities that help alleviate these heavy feelings and nurture a positive attitude and outlook. I myself find art to be therapeutic. I have extensive experience holding art therapy classes and I recommend it as a restorative and mindful exercise for anyone, of any age. Therefore, I will be holding additional "therapeutic" art lessons online focused less on technique and more on relaxation. Please reach out for me separately if you are interested in a more intensive, individualized art therapy course.

For the time being, online classes will be conducted through Zoom. Please contact me by email, text message, or Facebook messenger to reserve a class for yourself or for your child. You will receive a link and a password that will allow you to join the class.

Below are a few pre-scheduled classes that are aimed primarily at children. If you are interested in taking a personalized class, I would be happy to discuss and arrange a lesson or course that best fits your needs and interests. Just reach out!

Phone: 781-640-1597
Facebook page:  click here

Thank you for supporting local business, for valuing mental and emotional health, and for loving art and creativity!

We are often faced with challenges that prevent us from pursuing our hobbies or taking part in the activities that interest us. Some of my current clients struggle to overcome difficulties with distance or scheduling - they live too far from my studio or they are only free to take classes very late in the evening. Up until now, I could not entirely accommodate these needs because I was limited to teaching in person. I hope that an online teaching platform will allow me to reach those who cannot attend traditional, in-person classes.

More importantly, we have all been limited in many new ways during this COVID-19 virus epidemic. I readily acknowledge these contraints and have been addressing them by restructuring my practice.


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