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We come with friends each season for a Paint Night. Each time we go home with gorgeous paintings! We appreciate  very pleasant Olesea's attitude, professionalism, and her patience when she explains every step. Great experience! 

                                                                                                           —— Naira



Came with my friends to try something new, at Olesea's Studio. I was amazed how great she is as a teacher! I think anybody who comes here-- will be surprised with the his own result. Phenomenal, will definitely come again! 

                                                                                                      —— Teimuraz



My grandkids came to visit us in MA and they went to Olesea's Art Camp. This was the best Camp ever! Very productive, easy explained material so kids were impressed with simplicity of the process; big variety of techniques and Art information.  Another thing they liked that directions of the process and creation techniques were repeated and explained as many times  it was needed, very polite and with patience. Impressed and definitely planning next Summer when they will visit us — to plan again at least a week at Olesea's Art Camp.

                                                                                                           —— Miriam 



I must mention that I wasn't very optimistic when my wife had an idea to bring our grandsons to Olesea's Art Camp for a week. The very first day, our grandson's eyes spark and they couldn't stop saying everything they did at Art Studio! The following day I payed attention how energetic and full of enthusiasm this teacher is, unbelievable how a week can change a child's mind and desire to create! Olesea is a priceless Art teacher and an amazing Artist!

—— Gerald

I came a few times and completed some masterclasses with Olesea. Very pleasant , young lady, who teaches and explains with tact and big patience. Optimistic, full of energy, and skillful teacher. I never thought that I'll create what I did, she makes me believe in myself, and it feels good.

—— Elisabeth


This amazing Art teacher is a blessing for our neighborhood, very talented and smart teacher, a big amount of knowledge and simple way of explaining things make her classes unforgettable . Recommend for everybody, kids and adults! 

                                                                                                           ——  Richard


WOW!!! - said everybody from our family, when they saw what our kids created during Olesea's Art Camp. Very glad we found this Studio! We will be back!
                                                                                                          —— McKayla


" Olesea is an awesome art teacher. My two kids love her classes and

Art events that we had at her Studio. They don't want to miss any of her classes and  I'm pleased with her attitude and approach.

I definitely recommend her as the best teacher!
                                                                                                               —— Helen


"What a wonderful course! These Art classes filled in a lot of gaps for me and improved my drawing skills considerably. I look forward to taking more courses and to continue learning and improving my art skills. Thank you, Olesea, for putting so much thought into each module and creating such an informative and organized course! It's a pleasure each time to come to your Art Studio" 

                                                                                                                   —— Rob

My son attended a Summer Art Camp. He was very happy, and said it right away: I'll go next year too! We are very happy.


"Thank you Olesea for all amazing art classes!!! Kids are so excited every time to learn new techniques. You are awsome , patient and they love you ! Keep up the good work and good luck in everything you do."

                                                                                                              —— Violeta


"I just want to say thank you Olesea. I can honestly say I could never draw anything until I came across your drawing classes. I went straight into your coloured pencil course and haven’t looked back since. I want to be able to draw a portrait of my late mother which has led me onto this course. Once again thanks Olesea, you have given me my confidence and faith in myself !"

                                                                                                                 —— Tom

"We had an amazing painting party with Olesea Fiodorova at Olesea's Art Studio in Marblehead. My boss decided to bring my coworkers together and do some social activities. We truly had fun painting together. 
Olesea's studio is really spacious and easily fits up to 20 persons. She provides everything you need for painting including canvases, brushes, paints, music and wine. You can bring your own wine though if you wish but do not forget a corkscrew! Olesea provides 15-20 painting for you to examine and pick one to paint. Olesea is both a really good artist and teacher. She helps everybody throughout the whole lesson which usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours. We had 11 persons and everyone was truly happy at the end of the party. I love this type of activity which is not only about painting but even more about gathering together to socialize. After that session I decided to start taking private painting lessons with Olesea to improve my painting skills. I am interested mostly in oil painting on canvas -- actually, I learned painting when I was a kid and I was also taking some lessons several years ago. I can say that Olesea is one of the best teachers that I had in my life."

                                                                                                                 —— Olga

"Olesea is a highly experienced, talented, and enthusiastic art teacher"

                                                                                                             —— Dmitriy


"Exploring colored pencils potential

Featuring an abundance of colored pencils and art materials, this workshop was full to the brim with personal attention, demonstrations, and techniques that are sure to increase your repertoire. Some drawing experience preferred. Olesea is an experienced workshop instructor, the author of Drawing and Paintings that inspire to work and have pleasure from the process of creating.
                                                                                                                  —— Nick 

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