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Olesea Fiodorova

Artist & Teacher


I am a local freelance artist and designer, and my studio is a creative space as much for my original artwork as for my art classes. Art has been my calling and my aspiration throughout my life, and I am fortunate to pursue it as a career through my professional studio. 

My passion encompasses traditional drawing and painting, graphic illustration, and design.

Over the years I have enjoyed creating commission artwork, storybook illustrations, logo designs, visual brands, outdoor and indoor murals, and theater decorations. I also teach art classes to aspiring artists, hobbyists, and energetic young children full of passion and imagination - there are no age limits or ability thresholds!

I strive to learn something new every day about myself, art, and the world around me.

The large variety of clients, students, topics, and activities encountered at my studio creates

constant stimulation and challenges me to grow increasingly open-minded and ambitious and to encourage the same attitude in others. All of my clients walk away impressed, a bit surprised, and deeply pleased by our collaboration and their final product or service. I would be delighted to direct my talent and creativity your way - contact me for a free online or an in-person consultation about an artwork, a project, or a personalized class!

To BUY  my Art visit my Art Shop on ETSY  " ART WORK FROM OLESEA"


My passion began with my earliest memories: when I was 6 years old I snuck into my mother’s pantry and found black ink and brushes. My family had never pursued a creative streak, but in times of deficit the common practice was to buy whatever was available, “just in case”. I dared to imagine an improved version of my mother’s beautiful autumn wallpaper and painted a large, jet black horse right in the middle of our living room wall. Amid the subsequent yelling my mother referred to my masterpiece as a dog - an excruciating betrayal for an enthusiastic young artist. Nevertheless, my interest in art persisted, and my mother’s desperation to keep her walls clean compelled her to buy me my first art supplies: albums, pencils, gouache, watercolor … anything I needed  to contain my artistic expression to a less disruptive practice. Since then, I never stopped drawing and painting the world around me: from drawings of my family home and my girly dreams to paintings of my homeland Moldova with its endless green hills and sweet grapes and apples. I strove to capture the warmth and beauty of my culture. 


My art bloomed with the fruit trees for years to come in this stirring and inspiring environment. After many years of supplementary art school I was accepted to the Moldovan Fine Art College - Colegiul de Arte Plastice Alexandru Plămădeală - and graduated with honors. My world and my art changed drastically when I moved to the US with my family. I discovered graphic design and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from UMASS Amherst. Not only did this broaden my artistic skills and abilities, it enabled me to become more flexible, original, and ambitious as an artist. Now, my art has no boundaries, my creative freedom runs wild, and I refuse to tame it.

I have an achievement-based work style and above all I aim to wow my clients and please myself. My raging perfectionism is not a cliche ‘weakness’ - I embrace the determination and drive that it feeds me and welcome the progress that it demands. I am exhilarated by each vision and project that I develop and bring to life, whether my own or that of a client. My heart is always in my work, so my services are the best and my potential is limitless. Let’s work and grow together!

When I'm not creating art or playing with design, I listen to music, dance, and relish the moment. I enjoy watching movies and spending time with my two children, my husband, and my very playful cat, Pantera.

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