Portfolio for College

Getting feedback on your artwork from a variety of mentors is vital because everybody has different ideas about what constitutes good art and what will impress art schools.

Effective presentation is also about highlighting that you’ve tried to push the boundaries of art and design through each medium in your portfolio. One way of thinking about this is to choose work that really takes advantage of what those media have to offer. Select drawings that do what photos can’t, photos that portray the world differently than paintings, paintings that achieve something drawings are incapable of, and so on. Refining your catalogue in this way ensures that each item not only contributes something unique, but also shows that there’s a reason you chose to work with those particular media.

I can help you with:

  1. Start building your art portfolio early

  2. Get familiar with the programs and art schools you’re applying to

  3. Create original work for your art portfolio

  4. Experiment with your portfolio

  5. Include work in your portfolio that shows your strengths

Hour of Creation 
Celebrate in the Studio
 your Special Event

My Art Studio provides an interesting craft space for your children.

Classes are being conducted in such a way to allow artistic freedom of expression and choice. While direction is carefully given on specific themes and topics, children find inspiration mostly from their own experiences and things they like.
You can find Craft classes in the 

Schedule (bellow)


My studio offers a creative way to celebrate your special events and occasions.

There are Art and\or Craft packages for up to 20 kids. All our parties are private.

Also, adults (up to 20) can spend in a very creative way their event too.


Walk-In Classes

Olesea's Art Studio offers Walk-In classes and workshops for all skill levels, in virtually all of the fine arts, and open to all ages.

Open your mind, bring a friend, love what art can do.

Call at 781-640-1597 and find out if you can stop by and create the same day. No obligations for weekly classes.
Perfect for elderly creative souls, anybody who suddenly has a little time or a window, or kids who are usually very busy, but can come from time to time.


Please make sure that the time convenient for you does not fall on classes already in the